Around Midnite’s ​​
line-up consists of Gerry on lead guitar, Paddy on bass, David on drums, Dave on keyboards with Terry on lead vocals, complimented by vocal harmonies from the other musicians.

We ‘cut our musical teeth’ playing for top local groups including The Prowlers, Quincy, The Zodiacs, Portrait, Mark Arnold 5 and Rhythm & Rhapsody to name but a few.

The band draw their music from the 1960s through to the current era ensuring there is something for everyone on every occasion.

Good musicianship and high quality equipment combine to produce a full and professional sound. A colourful lighting system ensures that Around Midnite look every bit as good as they sound.

So whether you need a band for a wedding, a ball or indeed any function, you can be certain that Around Midnite will deliver a superb programme of music.